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Reduce Strain on Your Family Spending Plan

By Team Member / October 13, 2020 /

Tips to Stretch Your Spending Plan This Fall You may have noticed the days are getting a little shorter, and there’s a crispness to the air. Fall is officially here! Under normal circumstances, military families often welcome the change in seasons, as they settle into school and extra-curricular activities. But this year is anything but…

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What You Need to Know About the Payroll Tax Deferral

By Team Member / September 22, 2020 /

Payroll Tax Deferral Military spouses, have you heard? To help provide relief during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Presidential Memorandum issued on August 8, 2020 temporarily defers Social Security — Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI) — tax withholdings for some Service members. This is known as the payroll tax deferral. What Does This Mean…

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How to Protect Your Personal Finances Now

By Team Member / April 20, 2020 /

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the country and world is having a dramatic impact on how we live our lives and function within our communities. Many of us are affected by school and work closures and possibly even stay-at-home orders. Military families may also face additional uncertainty with the Stop Movement order impacting future assignments and…

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Start the New Year Right, Set Financial Goals

By Team Member / December 17, 2019 /

As 2019 draws to a close, many of us are looking toward the new year with big plans and aspirations. Carry this excitement over to your finances, too! Set financial goals in the new year to build a stronger financial future for you and your family. The previous year is history. You cannot go back…

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Tackle Unexpected Expenses with an Emergency Fund and Help from Relief Societies

By Team Member / October 28, 2019 /

One of life’s certainties is that it is uncertain, right? Life can throw a curveball in the form of a lost job, vehicle or home repair, health costs, or emergency travel, just to name a few. When these events occur, they can create havoc for a family’s financial stability. However, planning ahead and being familiar…

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Back 2 School Feature

5 Steps for Sending Your Military Kid Back to School on a Budget

By Team Member / August 19, 2019 /

Back to School on a Budget It’s back to school time! And while parents may be breathing a collective sigh of relief, it might be a different story when it comes to their wallets. According to a recent survey, families with school-age children spent on average almost $700 in 2019 to equip their kids for…

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Reuniting Family and Finances Post-Deployment

By Team Member / April 17, 2019 /

Post-Deployment Reunion: Reuniting your family following a deployment is an exciting time. You are busy catching up with family and friends, going out and getting back into the swing of things. Odds are, you have noticed many changes, and one is likely your finances. Notably, your spouse’s pay has probably gone down and your family’s…

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17 Smart Ways to Reduce Spending

By Team Member / April 17, 2019 /

We would all like to find creative ways to reduce our spending, right? Maybe it means we’ll have a little extra money for that family trip, or we’ll be able to put more away for retirement. Here are 17 smart and effective ways to reduce your spending. Consider a Spending Plan, Cutting Back 1. Make…

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Budget Basics: Where Is My Money Going?

By Team Member / April 17, 2019 /

Have you ever had the feeling that your hard-earned money seems to vanish into thin air? Well, it isn’t just disappearing. It’s going somewhere! A budget will help you get a handle on where it’s going. Knowing exactly where your dollars are going is the first step to understanding your current financial situation and taking…

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having a baby in the military

Whoa, Baby! Four Financial Tips to Help You Prepare for Parenthood

By Team Member / April 17, 2019 /

Becoming a parent for the first time may be the most exciting (and scariest) time in your life, especially for your finances. Between diapers, day care, extra life insurance, and saving for college, there’s really no way around this fact. Kids cost money! Since your little bundle of joy probably won’t come with a bundle…

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