Vacation Hacks for Theme Parks

Vacation Hacks for Theme Parks

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I live for planning vacations (I mean who doesn’t!), but the first issue that always comes to mind is how are we ever going to pay for this? When we go to theme parks, I like to buy a theme park gift card with every grocery purchase. These small amounts each week help us set aside money for the vacation over time which we are very thankful for when we arrive!

Another thing I like to do to save money is stock up at the grocery store on breakfast items to eat in the room before the parks and even snacks to bring with. I also make sure to buy items from the store for the kids as souvenirs such as glow sticks, figurines and even character-themed notebooks that make great autograph books. Whatever you do don’t forget to bring ponchos. There is nothing worse than spending $9 on something you could have bought at home for $1!

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Whether planning your next vacation is your favorite thing, these tips can help all military families save money for your next trip! We love these tips, Valerie. Thank you for sharing!

The key to a vacation that doesn’t break the bank is planning! First, ensure your vacation goal is SMART, meaning it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-bound. Then, make a detailed list of all expenses including lodging, transportation, entry fees or tickets, food, and souvenirs. Review your spending plan and decide how much money you can set aside each pay period to reach your goal. Then, start saving! It may be helpful to save in a separate “vacation” account or set up automatic contributions from your account each pay period.